Welcome, Hi, nice to meet you, hello!!

Hi & welcome!!

I thought I’d start with a little bit about us, Mr and Mrs Mcilroy…

We met in 2011, got engaged in 2014 & married on the 30th January 2016! FB_IMG_1456442229583

We live in Poole, Dorset. It’s a lovely part of England, not to far from the beautiful beaches at Sandbanks, and just a stone’s throw to the New Forest. We really do have the best of both worlds here!!

This blog is going to be a little bit about us, our family, friends and our journeys. It will touch on Steve’s journey battling with diabetes day by day, with fitness and diet. Nikki’s is an update on slimming world, hopefully it’ll inspire some of you to keep going & stay on plan.

Catch up soon, thanks for reading!!

Love the Mac’s



Give us a break!!!

I feel like we need one. Not from each other I mean some good news. Finally I think we have some!!! Things are looking up!! August has been a fabulous month and I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to get even better !!! Watch this space !!! 

I feel refreshed where slimming world is concerned. I decided to join a new group as my usual one wasn’t working for me. There had been a lot of changes and I’m not the best with change! I am enjoying my new group. I’m there just as a regular member, not part of the social team. I’m getting back on track & looking forward to planning more meals, ones we haven’t tried yet. 

I hope your August is as fabulous as mine !! 


How embarrassing!!!

How embarrassing indeed!! Or is it ?

Should I feel embarrassed that a write a blog ? I was at my cousin’s on Saturday night and it got mentioned. I shot my husband a look (you know the death stare, the one you do just once and they instantly shut up. It wasn’t even him that mentioned it) I cringed, like really cringed! I may have even blushed! I’m not sure why it was mentioned, I can’t remember now. The thought of my two cousin’s and one of their girlfriends knowing filled me with such fear. One of my cousin’s girlfriend’s already knows about my blog, and she is a frequent reader (Hi Alice!!)

Why would anyone be interested in my ramblings. I started this blog to just get my thoughts down, as something to look back on in years to come. At the moment, right now as I write this, something to pass the time as I sit in my bedroom at my parents house while my hubby tinkers in the garage ( god knows what he is doing!!)

One of my colleagues asked what I was writing today. “Oh just an email” I said as I wrote my previous post on my Wasted weekend?? Why did I hide this?! I’m proud of my previous posts & their content. I’m quite a shy person, I’m a people watcher. I’m not the one to makes the conversation first, I don’t fill in the gaps when there are silences. I worry people won’t “get” why I write this. I mean everyone seems to be writing a blog now a days, the ones I read have lots of followers, comments and more frequent posts. I wonder if mine will pick up like theirs?

I really do hope that it will pick up, I’d love it to be a successful blog like the ones I read!!

Life · Weekend Blogs

Wasted weekend??

As the weekend came closer I was so looking forward to Sunday with my man. As we only get one day off together they are special to me.

We had been to my cousin’s for a lovely dinner the night before and ended the evening in fits of laughter and shock as we played cards against humanity.  I didn’t know I had it in me to play such a game, let alone win. With the answers we were coming up with I’m not sure I can say I was pleased to have won the game ! Sunday came and as planned I sorted my cousin in law’s hair out. (Is there such a thing as cousin in law?? Well I did Alice’s hair. We’re gradually making her blonder from pillar box red!!!)

After that we had planned to go to a local chilli festival.  Time went by and Steve was busy in the garden. I found myself getting a bit miffed hanging around waiting so decided to pop to the shops to sort dinner. I knew by the time I got back Steve would have finished in the garden, but it would be too late to go to the festival by then.

We decided to go for a walk instead. It was so gorgeous, sunny and bright out. We live in such a gorgeous part of the world & are so lucky to be surrounded by the sea and forest. Steve had an idea of where we were going to walk so off we went. I’ve lived in Poole for 10 years now & Steve has for nearly all of his life. Somehow we got LOST! Lost in our home town! We walked for just shy of 2 hours in the end. After having a quick pit stop at the bowling green for a cuppa tea and some cake.

What I thought was going to be a wasted day ended up being lovely. We walked hand in hand discussing our future & I couldn’t have asked for a nicer afternoon !

Slimming World

Back on track…again!

So I think my head is finally back in the game. The slimming world game that is! After my disastrous gain last week I managed to loose nearly half of it !!! Wahoooo I jumped off the scales with a leap of joy. Okay, slight exaggeration, I stepped off smiling. Inside I was running around the room with my shirt up over my head like the foot baller’s do when they score a goal! Yes!!!!!!! I’m back!

Monday is my day off from work, and this week I spent it very wisely where slimming world is concerned. I made my lunches for the week, made my breakfast ( overnight oats with Muller yogurt and fresh strawberries) and planned out the meals for the week, with the help of Mum (yes were STILL living at my parents). Then we shopped! Usually I enjoy shopping for a new outfit on my day off but that day we shopped for food! To say I enjoyed shopping might be a strong word to use, but we did it anyhow!

Personally I find if I plan my weeks food in advance and buy it, I stick to it ! That’s one meal a day on plan, usually syn free or very minimal syns. I enjoy planning my evening meals. It gives everyone in our family a chance to have something they really fancy.

I’ve got a clear week ahead. A meal at my cousin’s Saturday & he is doing a slimming world friendly meal. I’m not sure if he knows I’m on it or if his girlfriend is on it. Either way I don’t have to worry ! I feel awkward when friends or family invite us for dinner. I don’t like to be awkward so I just enjoy what’s given to me and eat well the next day. That being said my bestie always makes sure she makes something slimming world friendly!!

What do you do when your off to friends / family for dinner? Do you plan ahead?






Slimming World


Slimming world. Why do I do it to myself!!! Every time!!! I’m plodding along doing just fine then BOOM!! I loose the plot and have gain after gain after gain ! 3rd july I weighed in and gained 1lb. Then I had my birthday, So booked weigh off then couldn’t face the scales and by the time I knew it 3 weeks had past and I hadn’t got on the sad step to face the damage!

Damage indeed!! In 3 weeks I had gained 5lb!! My excuses could be that I had been put on another corse of steroids and it was also star week which usually gives me a gain of 2lb minimum. 5 lbs!!!!!!! Really…REALLY?!!!???!!! I ran out of my group as fast as my little legs could carry me. After the stupid woman weighing me said “ohhh do you know why that happened” yes I do…and it’s okay I said. WHAT WAS I THINKING ?! No it wasn’t Okay, yes I know why it happened….ive obviously eaten the wrong foods, not done enough (*any) exercise & clearly really enjoyed my birthday! Well anyway, that said I couldn’t face sitting in group so I ran out. Text my hubby and bestie absolutely gutted and so angry with myself.

It should have motivated me. I’d planned my dinners, made my lunches & got foods in for breakfast. I still wasn’t 100% on plan! I had a half hearted week. I had over synned, not done any exercise & definitley not drank enough water.

What Is Wrong With Me?! I’m living at my parents house to save for a mortgage, every penny counts & there I am spending £4.95 a week to step on the sad step and have a number set my mood for the week.

This weeks mood is “phew – That was lucky” I’d lost 2lb. Now I’m motivated! Now I’m determined to stick to this properly ! Today I have turned down a packet of crisps, a snickers bar & a cider!!! I have had a magnum mini but that’s only 8.5 syns & my mayo in lunch would be 2 syns so I’m ending on 10.5 syns for my first day back on plan. I forgot to measure my milk this morning & I haven’t drank enough water today. Baby steps are key for me, start small and build. Lunches are made and dinners are planned. Suitable snacks are available.
I’m doing this, & im doing it for me!!!


Steve’s Diabetes Story

It all started around new year 2015/2016, I had started to feel unwell, for me this is unusual as I very rarely get poorly. I had the flu and after weeks of flu like symptoms, I was put on antibiotics but nothing changed.

My legs, ankles and feet were swollen, to what seemed twice their size. I could barely walk, and when I woke in the mornings, I felt like my joints had seized. The flu like symptoms did not ease up, I felt like I was getting worse each day. Finally, after another visit to my doctor’s surgery, my doctor told me he had referred me to the hospital.

My wife (then fiancé) and I arrived at the hospital at 9am, and after we found where we had to go, the tests started pretty much straight away. They took my temperature and it was nearly 39℃, to be honest it was the best I had felt in days. For the last week the doctors had said I may have reactive arthritis. He ran some quick tests on me to try and determine what he thought was wrong. I then had blood tests, urine tests, blood glucose test, X-ray’s. I had the full works which took all day! Bearing in mind this was five days before my wedding day we didn’t imagine we would be sat in hospital all day! Nikki was going crazy, we’d planned to get so much done on this final day off before the wedding. To say Nikki was stressed was an understatement. However she insisted on staying with me, as I knew she would !

I was called into a room and was met by three doctors from rheumatology with my X-ray. They sat me down and examined me again and realised what was wrong with me. I had in fact got a rare lung disease called Sarcoidosis. (Sarcoidosis is the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells (granulomas) in different parts of your body — most commonly the lungs, lymph nodes, eyes and skin.)

This caused my immune system to fight itself , it caused me to have arthritis, the flu like symptoms , my cough, my fever, even weight-loss. As I was trying to comprehend what they told me, I was then told my blood glucose level was high, they told me that it may just be for a little while as it can be higher when poorly. I was put on steroids to help with the inflammation of my legs, ankles etc. This was a blessing with the wedding just days away as I could hardly walk!

A day or so after starting my prednisolone my swelling reduced massively! However this had other side effects. A week after being diagnosed my blood glucose levels were 21mmol. Steroids make your blood glucose levela raise dramatically. I was getting more worried as I was not told what to do, how to lower it etc, I did not feel in control. I take several medicines to control it yet it always seems high (metformin, gliclazide, dapagliflozin),after a few of my first hypos I was getting more concerned.

My first major hypo happened the weekend we returned from our minimoon to Dublin. Me and my wife thought we would go shopping with some of our wedding money, we had a coffee in Costa (at this point I was told not to worry about what I ate and drank).

We finished our drinks and went downstairs to WHSmith, it was that moment it started going wrong, my vision went blurry, I got confused, sweating, couldn’t stand up, my wife had to hold me up. I thought I had maybe got light headed but it did not ease up, I started to feel more faint, more confused, my wife carried me to our car and it was then I passed out, I woke up about 10 minutes later very confused. We got to my in-laws and they gave me something to eat and I started to feel better. Me and my wife were so worried. We were not told what to do in these situations. We both felt weird, left in the dark. I researched everyday ways to control it.

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I was told to attend some NHS diabetes education sessions. I mentioned to the staff that I had been told my diabetes was supposed to be temporary. However as you may know it does not work like that. My sarcoid condition had brought my diabetes out a few decades early, I was in fact stuck with it.

I never really understood diabetes, it’s a shame that I only understand it now I have it, I am 28 years old and I have my whole life ahead of me , I won’t let it beat me, I won’t let control my life like when I first got diagnosed. My heart feels for all the people struggling with it, but you have to stay strong and push forward .

Life · Weekend Blogs

Stuck…is where you’ll find me!

So here I am. It’s Saturday night, I’ve already had a nap and have been in my pyjamas since we had our Indian takeaway. (I ate far too much and put myself into a food coma, hence the nap!!) So now I’m miffed that I ate too much and didn’t count the Syns (yes I am still doing slimming world, loosely) I don’t think the scones and jam with double cream will have helped this week, let’s be honest. However I’m more saddened that it is a Saturday night and my hubby and I are sat on our bed like teenagers both on our phones. I feel like I am being constructive with my time, doing this blog and catching up with Facebook (it’s important to catch up with your friends while they are actually enjoying their weekends right????!!!) Poor Steve is on YouTube passing the time watching a video of a man who has made a gigantic sword from scratch, big enough to cut you in half, should he slay you with it. Poor Steve, what have his Saturday night’s become???


Why I hear you ask??? Well back in February this year we moved in with my parents so we can save for a mortgage! I never imagined I would be married and living back with my parents. We did the whole moving out thing and getting married all in the wrong order, I know that now. Hindsight is brilliant. It’s going well, we are surviving, I don’t think we are pissing my parents off too much, not that they tell us anyway.  I get the feeling my mum enjoys having us here to share the cooking duties. Dad enjoys having Steve here to talk golf, football and ‘stuff’. The dog doesn’t have a clue what’s going on… More people giving him treats and more play times. Also another mug to sit up with him when it’s thundering…that’s where I come in!!

Weekends have always been so precious for Steve and I. As we only have Sundays together because of the way our working week falls we both have a day off on our own (heaven!). Now we are knuckling down to save we feel guilty spending money!!  We have done a bit of cycling, walking, window-shopping but mainly planning and dreaming. We cannot wait for the day we have enough saved for us to start hunting for our first home. As everybody does, we’re working so hard for this, it’ll be wonderful when the time comes! I’m so excited for our future !!

So for the foreseeable we are having cheap date’s and long walks or bike rides!! The walks and bike rides are becoming a little more difficult as I’m undergoing tests and waiting for an appointment with rheumatology to see if I have arthritis in my knee. It’s been total agony since before Easter & considering we’re nearing the end of July, I’m fed up now. It is effecting my weekends, my plans. Causing me so much pain in work. I’m exhausted by it, it wakes me at night, once I’m awake it takes an age for me to drop back to sleep. I hate to admit but it is really getting me down. This is only the start of it! My mum has arthritis, as I know many people do. I see the daily pain my mum is in and the extreme pain when it really flares up. It cripples her, immobilises her for days at a time. I’m hoping if it is confirmed, I can begin some sort of treatment. I know this sounds extreme but I don’t want it to beat me and rule my life. I’m only 28, I want to get it under control so I can run around with my nephew’s,dance on a night out with the girls, and enjoy a romantic stroll and bike ride with my hubby and last a whole day shopping with my mum!!

This has passed a bit of time on my boring Saturday night, drowsy from my nap & full from my takeaway. I’m so grateful for night’s like these, the simple night’s, snuggled on the bed next to my man!! I love you boyo, thank you for looking after me the way you do, when I’m being demanding and needy. When I manage to get into the bed but that’s it. I’m stuck unable to move my leg because of my knee, or if my back goes so you have to get out of bed and help me up. This shouldn’t be happening so soon into our life together. I’ll tell you what though, it makes me love you even more!!!! You’ve no idea ! Thank you baby!!!