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Wasted weekend??

As the weekend came closer I was so looking forward to Sunday with my man. As we only get one day off together they are special to me.

We had been to my cousin’s for a lovely dinner the night before and ended the evening in fits of laughter and shock as we played cards against humanity.  I didn’t know I had it in me to play such a game, let alone win. With the answers we were coming up with I’m not sure I can say I was pleased to have won the game ! Sunday came and as planned I sorted my cousin in law’s hair out. (Is there such a thing as cousin in law?? Well I did Alice’s hair. We’re gradually making her blonder from pillar box red!!!)

After that we had planned to go to a local chilli festival.  Time went by and Steve was busy in the garden. I found myself getting a bit miffed hanging around waiting so decided to pop to the shops to sort dinner. I knew by the time I got back Steve would have finished in the garden, but it would be too late to go to the festival by then.

We decided to go for a walk instead. It was so gorgeous, sunny and bright out. We live in such a gorgeous part of the world & are so lucky to be surrounded by the sea and forest. Steve had an idea of where we were going to walk so off we went. I’ve lived in Poole for 10 years now & Steve has for nearly all of his life. Somehow we got LOST! Lost in our home town! We walked for just shy of 2 hours in the end. After having a quick pit stop at the bowling green for a cuppa tea and some cake.

What I thought was going to be a wasted day ended up being lovely. We walked hand in hand discussing our future & I couldn’t have asked for a nicer afternoon !


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