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Wasted weekend??

As the weekend came closer I was so looking forward to Sunday with my man. As we only get one day off together they are special to me.

We had been to my cousin’s for a lovely dinner the night before and ended the evening in fits of laughter and shock as we played cards against humanity.  I didn’t know I had it in me to play such a game, let alone win. With the answers we were coming up with I’m not sure I can say I was pleased to have won the game ! Sunday came and as planned I sorted my cousin in law’s hair out. (Is there such a thing as cousin in law?? Well I did Alice’s hair. We’re gradually making her blonder from pillar box red!!!)

After that we had planned to go to a local chilli festival.  Time went by and Steve was busy in the garden. I found myself getting a bit miffed hanging around waiting so decided to pop to the shops to sort dinner. I knew by the time I got back Steve would have finished in the garden, but it would be too late to go to the festival by then.

We decided to go for a walk instead. It was so gorgeous, sunny and bright out. We live in such a gorgeous part of the world & are so lucky to be surrounded by the sea and forest. Steve had an idea of where we were going to walk so off we went. I’ve lived in Poole for 10 years now & Steve has for nearly all of his life. Somehow we got LOST! Lost in our home town! We walked for just shy of 2 hours in the end. After having a quick pit stop at the bowling green for a cuppa tea and some cake.

What I thought was going to be a wasted day ended up being lovely. We walked hand in hand discussing our future & I couldn’t have asked for a nicer afternoon !

Life · Weekend Blogs

Stuck…is where you’ll find me!

So here I am. It’s Saturday night, I’ve already had a nap and have been in my pyjamas since we had our Indian takeaway. (I ate far too much and put myself into a food coma, hence the nap!!) So now I’m miffed that I ate too much and didn’t count the Syns (yes I am still doing slimming world, loosely) I don’t think the scones and jam with double cream will have helped this week, let’s be honest. However I’m more saddened that it is a Saturday night and my hubby and I are sat on our bed like teenagers both on our phones. I feel like I am being constructive with my time, doing this blog and catching up with Facebook (it’s important to catch up with your friends while they are actually enjoying their weekends right????!!!) Poor Steve is on YouTube passing the time watching a video of a man who has made a gigantic sword from scratch, big enough to cut you in half, should he slay you with it. Poor Steve, what have his Saturday night’s become???


Why I hear you ask??? Well back in February this year we moved in with my parents so we can save for a mortgage! I never imagined I would be married and living back with my parents. We did the whole moving out thing and getting married all in the wrong order, I know that now. Hindsight is brilliant. It’s going well, we are surviving, I don’t think we are pissing my parents off too much, not that they tell us anyway.  I get the feeling my mum enjoys having us here to share the cooking duties. Dad enjoys having Steve here to talk golf, football and ‘stuff’. The dog doesn’t have a clue what’s going on… More people giving him treats and more play times. Also another mug to sit up with him when it’s thundering…that’s where I come in!!

Weekends have always been so precious for Steve and I. As we only have Sundays together because of the way our working week falls we both have a day off on our own (heaven!). Now we are knuckling down to save we feel guilty spending money!!  We have done a bit of cycling, walking, window-shopping but mainly planning and dreaming. We cannot wait for the day we have enough saved for us to start hunting for our first home. As everybody does, we’re working so hard for this, it’ll be wonderful when the time comes! I’m so excited for our future !!

So for the foreseeable we are having cheap date’s and long walks or bike rides!! The walks and bike rides are becoming a little more difficult as I’m undergoing tests and waiting for an appointment with rheumatology to see if I have arthritis in my knee. It’s been total agony since before Easter & considering we’re nearing the end of July, I’m fed up now. It is effecting my weekends, my plans. Causing me so much pain in work. I’m exhausted by it, it wakes me at night, once I’m awake it takes an age for me to drop back to sleep. I hate to admit but it is really getting me down. This is only the start of it! My mum has arthritis, as I know many people do. I see the daily pain my mum is in and the extreme pain when it really flares up. It cripples her, immobilises her for days at a time. I’m hoping if it is confirmed, I can begin some sort of treatment. I know this sounds extreme but I don’t want it to beat me and rule my life. I’m only 28, I want to get it under control so I can run around with my nephew’s,dance on a night out with the girls, and enjoy a romantic stroll and bike ride with my hubby and last a whole day shopping with my mum!!

This has passed a bit of time on my boring Saturday night, drowsy from my nap & full from my takeaway. I’m so grateful for night’s like these, the simple night’s, snuggled on the bed next to my man!! I love you boyo, thank you for looking after me the way you do, when I’m being demanding and needy. When I manage to get into the bed but that’s it. I’m stuck unable to move my leg because of my knee, or if my back goes so you have to get out of bed and help me up. This shouldn’t be happening so soon into our life together. I’ll tell you what though, it makes me love you even more!!!! You’ve no idea ! Thank you baby!!!



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Birthday Blogging!!

28 today!! (okay, it was on Friday actually, but i’ve been a busy bee celebrating and being wonder woman with my magic wand/comb! Ill get to that…)

Bloody hell, 28! This birthday seems to have come round a little bit quick for my liking. I know we all say it, but the time really does fly when your getting older. Perhaps when your young and care free there are many events before your birthday comes back around to keep you occupied. I remember going from term to term when I was young. It was the way I would comprehend and gage the time! Then throw in the holidays of excitement and the ones that had proper events and meaning like Easter, Halloween & Christmas. Now i’m (ment to be….) mature and grown up, working, working and working my birthday just appeared in a blink!

Talking of working….a new one for me occurred this year! I worked my birthday!! Since Steve and I have been together we have never, ever worked our birthday’s. We’ve managed a break away or just a day out. Although I seem like i’m moaning (maybe I am a little, lets be honest, hello this is me, and my blog!!!) I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I woke up a 5:30 and set off at 6:15 to help a gorgeous lady and her 6 bridesmaids get ready for her wedding day!!! There were a few challenges but we got there in the end!!


We decided it would be nice if we went out for dinner on the Saturday night rather than the day of my actual birthday. Especially after the early start, I may have been a grumpy birthday girl other wise. Steve took me to a gorgeous restaurant which we had been meaning to visit for a while.


It was so SO good!! Everything was cooked so beautifully and tasted absolutely amazing! It was a hot evening, so drinks flowed nicely & I had a lovely time. I spent Sunday afternoon with friends, enjoying a few drinks in the sunshine in a lovely country club garden. It was gorgeous sitting in the sunshine soaking up the rays and alcohol!! Isn’t it lovely when friends surprise you with cakes too!!!


I’m excited to see what happens between now and my next birthday! Then its the big THREE ZERO!!! Surely i’ll have a party for that?! I think i’d like one 🙂 For myself to organise. I do love organising parties and events! If I ever changed my career I think id head down that route… Event management and planning.

Until next time,

Nikki xx

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Absent from posting…?

I started this with all the good intentions of updating weekly. Pah!! Who was I trying to kid! I work full time, travel an hour each way for work and like to spend my precious Sunday off with my Hubby or with friends and family.

We’ve been surrounding ourselves in family and friend’s. A new addition to our family to be precise! Steve’s sister gave birth on Sunday 14th May, to a very healthy boy weighing in at 9 pounds and 11 ounces! He is called Joshua James aka JJ! He has most definitely stolen Steve’s heart. I have nephews from my siblings so know exactly the love he is feeling towards this gorgeous bundle!

I’m so excited to watch JJ grow up. He has already changed so much since he was born just 3 weeks ago. That time has gone by so quickly. I’m not wishing him to grow up, but I can’t wait to watch him with his daddy and Uncle Steve kick a ball around the park & when I get the chance to push him on the swings in the sunshine. Even to wipe the ice cream from his chin, that little bit that dribbles down before you get a chance to lick it up! (oh I do love an ice cream). I’d just like to say also, how proud I am of my sister in law! Siobhan had possibly the roughest pregnancy I’ve heard of.  It was constant the whole way through. There wasn’t ever a week where she felt 100%. I was sure the saying of rough pregnancy leads to a good birth would be true. I hoped it would apply. We all hoped it would apply!! Nope!! 10 days late, after being induced and a very VERY rough labour JJ arrived, leaving Von exhausted and vowing never to have another bambino! Siobhan is a trooper, she brought JJ into the world using just gas and air. I know women do it all the time, but Von is the first to admit her pain threshold is not all that. Well Von if your reading this – f*****g well done gorgeous!! You amazed me ! Your strength, determination and courage got him here!! Thank you for giving Steve and I such a gorgeous nephew, we love him very much!!

Seeing Steve with his nephew has made me love him just that little bit more! I’ve always loved how great Steve is with my Brother’s two boys, and my Sisters son. I can see he feels so much more comfortable with JJ than he ever has with ”my” nephews. This is his sister’s baby so I understand why. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying I think he is uncomfortable with ”my” nephews. He has held and loved the youngest since he was born, and watched & loved the two older boys grow up since they were 5 years old. Steve is the cool Uncle, the one who plays Fifa against them on the Xbox, and the one who will tackle them to the floor when they have a kick about in the park.

It makes me excited to think of how Steve will be if we are lucky enough to have children one day.

IM GOING TO BE A BRIDESMAID!!!! I’m a little bit excited for this! (Another reason for me to stay on plan with Slimming World. ) My beautiful best friend and her man became the future Mr and Mrs Beck 2 weeks ago!! They had a BBQ planned for the bank holiday weekend which turned into a celebratory get together! When Steve and I arrived, I banished them from the garden so we could decorate it in banners and balloons! It was so lovely, they are so in love. I’m so very excited for them! I absolutely loved planning our wedding. Arranging all of the fine details that made it our special day, choosing THE dress & finding dresses for my bridesmaids and Maid of Honour – who happens to be the future Mrs Beck. Lianne, if you are reading this, you are going to make such a beautiful bride. You really are the best friend a girl could ask for. You’ve been there for me in the good, bad and the ugly times. We may have had a few crossed words, but we’ve always come out on top in the end. I cannot wait to be by your side as you marry old Jonny Boy.  I’m a little bit in love with d.i.y gifts. They add that extra special touch, so when I heard the news of this engagement I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Thankfully it went down well 🙂 Ill attach a pic below.


So in short, that’s where I have been. Celebrating the arrival of our gorgeous JJ and the engagement of my beautiful friend and her man. Bubbly has been consumed on both occasions, and man it tasted so good!!! It always tastes better when its for a celebration!!

Thanks for reading, speak soon.


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Going to the zoo…how about you?!

Yesterday we were invited to tag along with a friend for a day trip to Marwell Zoo in Winchester, with his girlfriend and friends, so off we went with picnic in hand. I love a good picnic me ! Anything that involves food and seeing animals and I’m there!


We haven’t been to this particular zoo for some years, my nephews were young when we last came, and the eldest two are both 10 now!! Walking around with adults rather than children, you get to appreciate the animals more. Mainly because your not chasing after the little ones, or ensuring they aren’t trying to get in with the animals!!

As soon as we walked in I saw them, standing there in all their strange beauty. These odd looking animals, so tall and lanky but yet so beautiful and fascinating! All my close family and friends know just how much I LOVE giraffes!! I’ve been lucky enough to have had a giraffe experience day and it was amazing!! I absolutely loved it, I was speechless & close to tears! Which again, is a regular thing for me, I tend to get emotional… a lot! I’m sure as my blogs go on, you’ll soon see that!  The giraffes yesterday didn’t disappoint. I could have stayed at their enclosure all day, just standing admiring their beauty! I’m not sure what it is that draws me to these animals, but I just love them!

The weather was against us, after we stopped for lunch the heavens opened. To be honest it didn’t stop us! Hoods went up and we carried on exploring the rest of the zoo. It was a blessing as the rest of the visitors seemed to take shelter in the inside enclosures and attractions. Which enabled us to get right up close! Steve was in his element, snapping away & got some brilliant pics. Especially when it came to his favourite animal… the otter! The poor females partner passed away over the weekend, and the staff are keeping a close eye on her in case she shows signs of distress and loneliness. Loosing her loved one hasn’t put her off her food, we knew she was lurking in her enclosure somewhere by her cries! Such a noisy little madam! A gorgeous, clever creature. Tossing stones up and catching them in her little paws. Gliding in and out of the water up onto the bank.

All in all, we had a lovely day! Managed to get some great pictures, and most of all, made some amazing memories with our friends! Next zoo on the list to visit is Chester Zoo! That will be some time next year now, around Steve’s birthday in March.

I understand that some people are against keeping animals in zoo’s and in enclosures. I feel that in most cases the animals are cared for better and have a more stable and safe life than if they were left out in the wild. I know there is a circle of life, and a food chain as it were, but without getting too caught up in a debate, I think the work that zoo’s do is wonderful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog, more pics can be found on my instagram page.