Slimming World

Back on track…again!

So I think my head is finally back in the game. The slimming world game that is! After my disastrous gain last week I managed to loose nearly half of it !!! Wahoooo I jumped off the scales with a leap of joy. Okay, slight exaggeration, I stepped off smiling. Inside I was running around the room with my shirt up over my head like the foot baller’s do when they score a goal! Yes!!!!!!! I’m back!

Monday is my day off from work, and this week I spent it very wisely where slimming world is concerned. I made my lunches for the week, made my breakfast ( overnight oats with Muller yogurt and fresh strawberries) and planned out the meals for the week, with the help of Mum (yes were STILL living at my parents). Then we shopped! Usually I enjoy shopping for a new outfit on my day off but that day we shopped for food! To say I enjoyed shopping might be a strong word to use, but we did it anyhow!

Personally I find if I plan my weeks food in advance and buy it, I stick to it ! That’s one meal a day on plan, usually syn free or very minimal syns. I enjoy planning my evening meals. It gives everyone in our family a chance to have something they really fancy.

I’ve got a clear week ahead. A meal at my cousin’s Saturday & he is doing a slimming world friendly meal. I’m not sure if he knows I’m on it or if his girlfriend is on it. Either way I don’t have to worry ! I feel awkward when friends or family invite us for dinner. I don’t like to be awkward so I just enjoy what’s given to me and eat well the next day. That being said my bestie always makes sure she makes something slimming world friendly!!

What do you do when your off to friends / family for dinner? Do you plan ahead?







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