I’m sitting here writing this at 2:09am. I’ve been sitting here since approx 12 midnight trying to calm my dog Harley…

It’s not working!!!

I’ve wrapped him up in a towel and held him tight which ALWAYS works for those storms that go on for an hour or so. Then peace is resumed and we all go back to sleep.


Not tonight hey dog!!! This storm has been going on since 5pm yesterday on and off. I managed to fall asleep for an hour or so then he woke up barking and howling so up I got, grabbed his towel, Wrapped him up tightly and snuggled up on the sofa. It’s ment to relax them and make them less anxious. (When done in a certain way, Which I’ve done tonight as I have many time before) Tonight is different….this storm is not shifting. We’re both hot and bothered. He stayed wrapped for the suggested 15 mins and it made NO DIFFERENCE!!!

I tried again, my mum came in (yes I’m 28, yes I’m married, yes we live with my parents!! I’ll do another post on that one day) my mum tried. It didn’t work…we made tea and ate biscuits. Why the hell not at (now) 1am!! The dog enjoyed biscuits between howling. I have now caught up on Eastenders, and now find myself boring anyone reading this with my night’s events.

I hate to tempt fate but I’ve even bored the dog to sleep!! I think the storm is passing now. Next issue for tonight….IM STUCK!!!

My gorgeous scared dog has fallen asleep along my leg. With his head hanging off the sofa in the gap where I would put the reclining seat back in. I dare not move……. hmmmm coffee anyone!??!!??!


How do you care for your pets in a storm? Any tips for next time?!

Love Harley and me! xx 1500427464423160003404.jpg


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