Slimming World


Slimming world. Why do I do it to myself!!! Every time!!! I’m plodding along doing just fine then BOOM!! I loose the plot and have gain after gain after gain ! 3rd july I weighed in and gained 1lb. Then I had my birthday, So booked weigh off then couldn’t face the scales and by the time I knew it 3 weeks had past and I hadn’t got on the sad step to face the damage!

Damage indeed!! In 3 weeks I had gained 5lb!! My excuses could be that I had been put on another corse of steroids and it was also star week which usually gives me a gain of 2lb minimum. 5 lbs!!!!!!! Really…REALLY?!!!???!!! I ran out of my group as fast as my little legs could carry me. After the stupid woman weighing me said “ohhh do you know why that happened” yes I do…and it’s okay I said. WHAT WAS I THINKING ?! No it wasn’t Okay, yes I know why it happened….ive obviously eaten the wrong foods, not done enough (*any) exercise & clearly really enjoyed my birthday! Well anyway, that said I couldn’t face sitting in group so I ran out. Text my hubby and bestie absolutely gutted and so angry with myself.

It should have motivated me. I’d planned my dinners, made my lunches & got foods in for breakfast. I still wasn’t 100% on plan! I had a half hearted week. I had over synned, not done any exercise & definitley not drank enough water.

What Is Wrong With Me?! I’m living at my parents house to save for a mortgage, every penny counts & there I am spending £4.95 a week to step on the sad step and have a number set my mood for the week.

This weeks mood is “phew – That was lucky” I’d lost 2lb. Now I’m motivated! Now I’m determined to stick to this properly ! Today I have turned down a packet of crisps, a snickers bar & a cider!!! I have had a magnum mini but that’s only 8.5 syns & my mayo in lunch would be 2 syns so I’m ending on 10.5 syns for my first day back on plan. I forgot to measure my milk this morning & I haven’t drank enough water today. Baby steps are key for me, start small and build. Lunches are made and dinners are planned. Suitable snacks are available.
I’m doing this, & im doing it for me!!!


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