Weekend Blogs

Birthday Blogging!!

28 today!! (okay, it was on Friday actually, but i’ve been a busy bee celebrating and being wonder woman with my magic wand/comb! Ill get to that…)

Bloody hell, 28! This birthday seems to have come round a little bit quick for my liking. I know we all say it, but the time really does fly when your getting older. Perhaps when your young and care free there are many events before your birthday comes back around to keep you occupied. I remember going from term to term when I was young. It was the way I would comprehend and gage the time! Then throw in the holidays of excitement and the ones that had proper events and meaning like Easter, Halloween & Christmas. Now i’m (ment to be….) mature and grown up, working, working and working my birthday just appeared in a blink!

Talking of working….a new one for me occurred this year! I worked my birthday!! Since Steve and I have been together we have never, ever worked our birthday’s. We’ve managed a break away or just a day out. Although I seem like i’m moaning (maybe I am a little, lets be honest, hello this is me, and my blog!!!) I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I woke up a 5:30 and set off at 6:15 to help a gorgeous lady and her 6 bridesmaids get ready for her wedding day!!! There were a few challenges but we got there in the end!!


We decided it would be nice if we went out for dinner on the Saturday night rather than the day of my actual birthday. Especially after the early start, I may have been a grumpy birthday girl other wise. Steve took me to a gorgeous restaurant which we had been meaning to visit for a while.  http://www.isabelsrestaurant.co.uk/


It was so SO good!! Everything was cooked so beautifully and tasted absolutely amazing! It was a hot evening, so drinks flowed nicely & I had a lovely time. I spent Sunday afternoon with friends, enjoying a few drinks in the sunshine in a lovely country club garden. It was gorgeous sitting in the sunshine soaking up the rays and alcohol!! Isn’t it lovely when friends surprise you with cakes too!!!


I’m excited to see what happens between now and my next birthday! Then its the big THREE ZERO!!! Surely i’ll have a party for that?! I think i’d like one 🙂 For myself to organise. I do love organising parties and events! If I ever changed my career I think id head down that route… Event management and planning.

Until next time,

Nikki xx


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