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Stuck…is where you’ll find me!

So here I am. It’s Saturday night, I’ve already had a nap and have been in my pyjamas since we had our Indian takeaway. (I ate far too much and put myself into a food coma, hence the nap!!) So now I’m miffed that I ate too much and didn’t count the Syns (yes I am still doing slimming world, loosely) I don’t think the scones and jam with double cream will have helped this week, let’s be honest. However I’m more saddened that it is a Saturday night and my hubby and I are sat on our bed like teenagers both on our phones. I feel like I am being constructive with my time, doing this blog and catching up with Facebook (it’s important to catch up with your friends while they are actually enjoying their weekends right????!!!) Poor Steve is on YouTube passing the time watching a video of a man who has made a gigantic sword from scratch, big enough to cut you in half, should he slay you with it. Poor Steve, what have his Saturday night’s become???


Why I hear you ask??? Well back in February this year we moved in with my parents so we can save for a mortgage! I never imagined I would be married and living back with my parents. We did the whole moving out thing and getting married all in the wrong order, I know that now. Hindsight is brilliant. It’s going well, we are surviving, I don’t think we are pissing my parents off too much, not that they tell us anyway.  I get the feeling my mum enjoys having us here to share the cooking duties. Dad enjoys having Steve here to talk golf, football and ‘stuff’. The dog doesn’t have a clue what’s going on… More people giving him treats and more play times. Also another mug to sit up with him when it’s thundering…that’s where I come in!!

Weekends have always been so precious for Steve and I. As we only have Sundays together because of the way our working week falls we both have a day off on our own (heaven!). Now we are knuckling down to save we feel guilty spending money!!  We have done a bit of cycling, walking, window-shopping but mainly planning and dreaming. We cannot wait for the day we have enough saved for us to start hunting for our first home. As everybody does, we’re working so hard for this, it’ll be wonderful when the time comes! I’m so excited for our future !!

So for the foreseeable we are having cheap date’s and long walks or bike rides!! The walks and bike rides are becoming a little more difficult as I’m undergoing tests and waiting for an appointment with rheumatology to see if I have arthritis in my knee. It’s been total agony since before Easter & considering we’re nearing the end of July, I’m fed up now. It is effecting my weekends, my plans. Causing me so much pain in work. I’m exhausted by it, it wakes me at night, once I’m awake it takes an age for me to drop back to sleep. I hate to admit but it is really getting me down. This is only the start of it! My mum has arthritis, as I know many people do. I see the daily pain my mum is in and the extreme pain when it really flares up. It cripples her, immobilises her for days at a time. I’m hoping if it is confirmed, I can begin some sort of treatment. I know this sounds extreme but I don’t want it to beat me and rule my life. I’m only 28, I want to get it under control so I can run around with my nephew’s,dance on a night out with the girls, and enjoy a romantic stroll and bike ride with my hubby and last a whole day shopping with my mum!!

This has passed a bit of time on my boring Saturday night, drowsy from my nap & full from my takeaway. I’m so grateful for night’s like these, the simple night’s, snuggled on the bed next to my man!! I love you boyo, thank you for looking after me the way you do, when I’m being demanding and needy. When I manage to get into the bed but that’s it. I’m stuck unable to move my leg because of my knee, or if my back goes so you have to get out of bed and help me up. This shouldn’t be happening so soon into our life together. I’ll tell you what though, it makes me love you even more!!!! You’ve no idea ! Thank you baby!!!




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