How embarrassing!!!

How embarrassing indeed!! Or is it ?

Should I feel embarrassed that a write a blog ? I was at my cousin’s on Saturday night and it got mentioned. I shot my husband a look (you know the death stare, the one you do just once and they instantly shut up. It wasn’t even him that mentioned it) I cringed, like really cringed! I may have even blushed! I’m not sure why it was mentioned, I can’t remember now. The thought of my two cousin’s and one of their girlfriends knowing filled me with such fear. One of my cousin’s girlfriend’s already knows about my blog, and she is a frequent reader (Hi Alice!!)

Why would anyone be interested in my ramblings. I started this blog to just get my thoughts down, as something to look back on in years to come. At the moment, right now as I write this, something to pass the time as I sit in my bedroom at my parents house while my hubby tinkers in the garage ( god knows what he is doing!!)

One of my colleagues asked what I was writing today. “Oh just an email” I said as I wrote my previous post on my Wasted weekend?? Why did I hide this?! I’m proud of my previous posts & their content. I’m quite a shy person, I’m a people watcher. I’m not the one to makes the conversation first, I don’t fill in the gaps when there are silences. I worry people won’t “get” why I write this. I mean everyone seems to be writing a blog now a days, the ones I read have lots of followers, comments and more frequent posts. I wonder if mine will pick up like theirs?

I really do hope that it will pick up, I’d love it to be a successful blog like the ones I read!!


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