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Going to the zoo…how about you?!

Yesterday we were invited to tag along with a friend for a day trip to Marwell Zoo in Winchester, with his girlfriend and friends, so off we went with picnic in hand. I love a good picnic me ! Anything that involves food and seeing animals and I’m there!


We haven’t been to this particular zoo for some years, my nephews were young when we last came, and the eldest two are both 10 now!! Walking around with adults rather than children, you get to appreciate the animals more. Mainly because your not chasing after the little ones, or ensuring they aren’t trying to get in with the animals!!

As soon as we walked in I saw them, standing there in all their strange beauty. These odd looking animals, so tall and lanky but yet so beautiful and fascinating! All my close family and friends know just how much I LOVE giraffes!! I’ve been lucky enough to have had a giraffe experience day and it was amazing!! I absolutely loved it, I was speechless & close to tears! Which again, is a regular thing for me, I tend to get emotional… a lot! I’m sure as my blogs go on, you’ll soon see that!  The giraffes yesterday didn’t disappoint. I could have stayed at their enclosure all day, just standing admiring their beauty! I’m not sure what it is that draws me to these animals, but I just love them!

The weather was against us, after we stopped for lunch the heavens opened. To be honest it didn’t stop us! Hoods went up and we carried on exploring the rest of the zoo. It was a blessing as the rest of the visitors seemed to take shelter in the inside enclosures and attractions. Which enabled us to get right up close! Steve was in his element, snapping away & got some brilliant pics. Especially when it came to his favourite animal… the otter! The poor females partner passed away over the weekend, and the staff are keeping a close eye on her in case she shows signs of distress and loneliness. Loosing her loved one hasn’t put her off her food, we knew she was lurking in her enclosure somewhere by her cries! Such a noisy little madam! A gorgeous, clever creature. Tossing stones up and catching them in her little paws. Gliding in and out of the water up onto the bank.

All in all, we had a lovely day! Managed to get some great pictures, and most of all, made some amazing memories with our friends! Next zoo on the list to visit is Chester Zoo! That will be some time next year now, around Steve’s birthday in March.

I understand that some people are against keeping animals in zoo’s and in enclosures. I feel that in most cases the animals are cared for better and have a more stable and safe life than if they were left out in the wild. I know there is a circle of life, and a food chain as it were, but without getting too caught up in a debate, I think the work that zoo’s do is wonderful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog, more pics can be found on my instagram page.



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