Stop Wishing. Start Doing

I always knew that the first post would be the hardest. What would I write about? What direction would the blogs go in?! All of these questions whizzing round in my head, along with the thoughts of work, family and friends. What if they found out about these blogs, what would they think? I feel this could be my little outlet, my way escaping & a way to get everything down and out of my mind. You never know, it may actually grow and become quite the go to blog!! Hey, a girl can dream right?!!

So yes, its me here Mrs McIlroy, aka Nikki! I cant really see my hubby knuckling down and writing a post. Lets face it, its just not what he does! You’ll find Steve outside, peering through his telescope looking for aliens. I’m joking, well sort of. Steve is really into astrophotography. Or watching the boxing/football or glued to his Xbox. (why did I buy it for his birthday! I basically gave him a pass to play the damn thing as and when didn’t I!!!!)

Why do it some of you may ask. I’ve started this blog page so many times, deleted it, and started it again. I feel silly. I’ve wanted to do it for so long! The same with vlogging, one day i’m hoping to grow a pair and vlog!!! I’m the one who stays behind the camera, not in front of it. I admire so many other women who blog. Many have families, some have lost weight, like i’m currently doing with Slimming World. (slowly might I add, but its going, i’m loosing weight and I have no intention of finding it again) This page may end up being a page of utter nonsense, I do tend to waffle, but i’m hoping something I write will be some interest to someone. Even if its just me, took look back on in years to come and think ” Oh yea, I remember that!! ”

So there you go, my first post. Please read it, and play nice. It’s all new to me!!


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